What is the Price of Dentures in Winnipeg?

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Dentures have a significant role in an individual’s identity and can significantly affect their comfort, self-esteem, and general health. If you’re wondering how much dentures in Winnipeg cost, read on. You are in the perfect place. There are various elements to take into account, but dentures can cost anywhere from $650 to several thousand dollars per arch.

In this blog, we tell you everything you need to know about getting affordable dentures and high-quality service, as well as why it’s crucial to consult a trustworthy denturist.

Types of Dentures & How It Affects the Cost

The price of a denture will cover all the steps, supplies, and lab expenses required to create it.  Because they require a slightly more complicated manufacturing process than upper dentures, lower dentures typically cost a little bit more. The cost of a partial denture increases slightly since a metal cast frame is required. A complete denture, which relies on suction to stay in your mouth, does not require this frame since it can be attached to any natural teeth you may have. 

A partial denture manufactured without a metal frame that uses wire clasps to attach to any natural teeth is known as an acrylic partial denture and is an alternative to the partial denture with a metal frame. These typically cost $1,000 or less for the top or bottom.

They are typically used as a transitional form of denture, so if the remainder of your natural teeth must be extracted in the future, you can wear this acrylic denture until a permanent, complete denture is created by your dentists in Winnipeg. The number of teeth that are being replaced is another consideration; for instance, if you are missing just one tooth, this denture would cost between $500 and $1,000.

Why Do Dentures Cost So Much?

The following variables influence the price of dentures near you:

  • A thorough evaluation to identify the ideal fit, shape, and type of denture for every one of our patients.
  • Thanks to our on-site lab facility and state-of-the-art digital technology, we can quickly construct a digital prosthesis for you and match your teeth to images.
  • To create the most comfortable and long-lasting dentures possible, the best materials are used.

It’s crucial to realize that when you buy dentures from a respectable dentist near you, you are also paying for the knowledge and training of a highly educated expert who cares about your wellbeing. When you need treatment the most, our denturist at McCable Denture Clinic will make sure you get it when you need it.

Financial Support and Insurance Protection

You can get help with the costs of all our services through the finance partner of your dental clinic. Additionally, you might be eligible to have a portion of the cost of your dentures covered by your private insurance plan. To examine the specific coverages you have, please consult your benefits booklet.

The dental clinic staff can send an insurance company predetermination following your appointment with our denturist. In essence, a predetermination is a cost projection for the advised services. Your insurance company will be able to assess the proposal and related expenses and react to the level of coverage they will offer you after receiving this submission.

Questions to Ask Your Dentist  

We suggest asking your dentist the following questions:

  1. Which dentures are the most appropriate for my needs and way of life?
  2. What kind of protection is offered?
  3. Are the dentures created on-site or are they sent to a lab?
  4. Are there any additional fees?
  5. How frequently should my dentures be checked or cleaned? 
  6. When will my dentures wear out?
  7. When and how can I schedule an adjustment or follow-up appointment with you?

Talk to a Member of Our Team

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