FAQs and Oral Health

Common Questions

The most common signs a patient has developed gum disease are the following: bleeding gums (occurs regularly while brushing and flossing), discoloration of the gums (healthy gums are pink and firm, rather than swollen, red, or tender), signs that your gums are pulling away from your teeth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms contact our Winnipeg dentist, Dr. Tran, today to schedule an appointment.

Your teeth can become sensitive due to a variety of factors, the most prominent and common one being tooth decay. When you grind your teeth over time, small cracks can form and cause the tooth root to become exposed, which can cause the development of tooth decay or gum disease. In some cases, tooth sensitivity can be treated by simply using de-sensitizing toothpaste. If this problem persists, it’s important to contact our Winnipeg dental office and schedule an appointment to determine the issue before it develops further.

Preventative dentistry requires patients to visit their Winnipeg dentist two times per year for a dental cleaning and oral exam as well as x-rays (annually). This visit is crucial for the prevention and detection of any oral health issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. You may not necessarily notice any oral health issues but that does not mean they are not there! It’s important to receive treatment from your dentist to ensure your oral health and hygiene is in good standing.

At Garden Oaks Dental Centre, we provide patients with cosmetic dental options in the form of teeth whitening to improve or brighten the color and look of their smiles. There is also the option to receive porcelain veneers for a full smile-makeover which can improve the overall aesthetic of your teeth and smile. If you are interested in either of these cosmetic dental options, contact our Winnipeg dental office near you today!

Our Winnipeg dental office does accept dental emergencies! We treat patients who have experienced a broken, chipped, knocked out or cracked tooth If you or a family member have a dental emergency, contact us immediately by calling (204) 338 7856 or visit our office for immediate treatment.

If you are looking for a new Winnipeg dental office, look no further! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tran at Garden Oaks Dental Centre by calling our office at (204) 338 7856. Our dedicated team of dental professionals warmly welcomes new patients and looks forward to meeting you and your family and learning about your oral health needs!