Dental Crowns Near You

Sometimes a tooth is decayed or broken to the point where a filling may not suffice in repairing it properly. In this case, a crown may be suggested as a preferable treatment. Additionally, crowns can be used if you have undergone root canal therapy or if your tooth is misshapen. Crowns are coverings that fit over the top of the tooth. Our office offers dental crowns in Winnipeg that function and look very similar to a natural tooth. Crowns are can be made out of a variety of materials. Your dentist will recommend which material would be best for you and your unique dental needs. If you are looking for dental crowns near you, we offer dental crowns in Winnipeg.

dental crowns in winnipeg

What is the Procedure for a Dental Crown?

If your dentist has recommended you receive a dental crown, you can expect the following procedure:

1. Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic.

2. To create room for the crown, they will file down your affected tooth.

3. Once your tooth has been filed down, they will take an impression of your filed-down tooth and nearby teeth. Your dentist uses this impression to custom design your permanent crown using restorative material.

4. A temporary crown will be placed over your tooth until your final crown is ready.

5. At your subsequent visit, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and replace it with your permanent crown by cementing the crown into place.

What Crowns Types Are Available?

Your dentist may suggest a:

Metal Crown: This type of crown is gold and due to the colour of the crown, it doesn’t look very natural. However, it is very long-lasting.

Composite Crown: This type of crown is natural-looking and more durable than a porcelain crown, but can wear faster.

Porcelain Crown: This type of crown is the most natural-looking. Typically, porcelain crowns are placed on the teeth at the back of the mouth, as they are easier to chip when compared to metal or composite crowns.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown: These crowns look natural and when compared to porcelain or composite crowns, they are stronger. However, they aren’t as natural-looking, as the metal may be visible.

Dental crowns most commonly have the lifespan of 10 years, or more, if they are properly taken care of. Brushing and flossing your crown daily and scheduling biannual dental checkups with your dentist, is necessary to protect and preserve your dental restoration.

Are you interested in receiving dental crowns near you? Schedule a consultation with us today! We provide dental crowns in Winnipeg.