Bone Grafting Near You

Bone grafting may sound like an intimidating concept if your dentist has recommended it as a course of treatment. When a tooth is lost, you will begin to lose bone in that area. If there is a delay in the time between tooth loss and the placement of an implant, one can expect the loss of bone. With less bone available, there is less of a foundation in which to anchor the implant. This is when bone grafting is required. If you are looking for bone grafting near you, we are happy to offer bone grafting in Winnipeg.

bone grafting in winnipeg

The Procedure for Bone Grafting

To perform this procedure, your surgeon will use a section of bone from another body part or use specialized bone grafting material (the most common approach) then graft it onto the bone in your jaw. The amount or degree of grafting necessary is dependent on the severity or degree of bone loss. After this procedure has been completed you will have to wait sometime, in some cases, several months, for the graft to start developing the newer and stronger bone. This is necessary to ensure that the bone is secure and stable in your mouth. It is crucial that we make sure that the bone is adequately healed before proceeding with the implantation procedure.


If you are looking to receive bone grafting in Winnipeg, you may feel mild discomfort for the first few days after the procedure. Your dentist will likely suggest using anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal medications such as ibuprofen to manage any discomfort.

The Health Benefits of Bone Grafting

Many patients wonder why it’s important to maintain jawbones in their original form. Firstly, restoring bone mass and structure helps the patient avoid other dental issues or diseases. This procedure restores the previous density and shape of the bone. Bone grafting is also involved in a wide range of facial bone and facial structure restoration and maintenance related treatments. Bone grafting increases the patient’s confidence and self-esteem while restoring functionality.

Bone grafting expands your restorative choices and makes it possible to acquire the best tooth replacement choice available in cosmetic dentistry. If you’re interested in receiving bone grafting near you, schedule a consultation at our clinic. We are happy to offer bone grafting in Winnipeg.