Teeth Whitening Near You

When you walk through the door and meet someone for the first time, we know that one of the first things that people will notice about you is your smile. However, with time, stains can accumulate on our teeth and gradually alter their colour. We understand that having a white smile brings confidence to your daily routine. Whatever your reason for wanting to put that dazzle back in your smile, our team is here to help and ensure you are presented with the best teeth whitening options that are appropriate for you. If you are looking for teeth whitening near you, we offer teeth whitening in Winnipeg.

teeth whitening in winnipeg

In-Clinic Power Polishing – The Big Boost

Our office offers two types of teeth whitening in Winnipeg. One is done on-site and takes approximately one hour. This is called in-office power polishing. It consists of placing a strong hydrogen peroxide solution on the teeth. We will ensure that your gums are adequately protected before proceeding. There is no discomfort as the product is chemically activated. Of course if at any moment you do not feel comfortable, you can ask our dentist to pause the procedure. On average we find this type of teeth whitening lasts up to roughly six months, however, you can improve upon these results by using one of our home systems.

Home Whitening System – Maintaining

The second option we offer is very simple and can be done at home. Custom made whitening trays are made to fit perfectly in your mouth and offer the safest most effective teeth whitening process possible. For the first two to three weeks, you will need to wear the whitening trays for thirty minutes a day, from that point on you can proceed to wear them just once a month to continue the whitening effect. For the best possible outcome and to ensure that you are happy with the whitening process, sometimes we recommend using both services.

If you’re interested in receiving teeth whitening near you, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Please note that in certain circumstances a whitening treatment may not be the treatment for you. For example, preexisting dental fillings or crowns will not change colour. In these cases, your dentist will recommend an alternative cosmetic dental treatment. If you are searching for teeth whitening near you, we offer teeth whitening in Winnipeg.