Warning Signs You May Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

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As you get older, your mouth goes through various changes and the eruption of wisdom teeth is one of the most common. They are also referred to as third molars and typically appear between the ages of 17 and 25.

Healthy wisdom teeth that erupt normally can aid in chewing and other functioning. When your wisdom teeth come in, it’s normal to experience some discomfort; however, if you experience extreme pain, visit a dentist near you immediately.

If your mouth exhibits any of the following alterations, you might necessitate wisdom tooth extractions near you:

  • Extreme pain
  • Infection
  • Cysts
  • Tumor
  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Development of gum disease
  • Dental cavities.

The removal of wisdom teeth is frequently advised by dentists as a part of treatment plans for orthodontics or other dental work.

Our professional dentist will examine your oral cavity and determine if the extraction is necessary. If it isn’t, and you still experience pain and discomfort, we will advise some medications to help alleviate your pain.

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Here are some signs that you might require wisdom tooth extraction:

  1. Extreme pain and discomfort

It is possible that you will experience tooth pain as your third molars erupt. However, if you experience persistent, excruciating pain, you should not ignore this warning sign and visit our dentist in Winnipeg to have your teeth examined.

  1. Difficulty with chewing

The removal of wisdom teeth may be necessary if you experience discomfort while eating. If one does not thoroughly brush a certain area, food can get stuck between the tops of the teeth and the gums and create a lot of problems. Extraction is the only option if the dentist is unable to correct the issue.

  1. Cysts developing around the tooth

It is a fluid-filled sac that has the potential to harm or have an effect on the roots of surrounding teeth. It may develop into a tumor and require considerable surgery if untreated.

  1. Teeth that are not straight

When wisdom teeth erupt, they can shift in any direction which can damage neighboring teeth. The erupting wisdom tooth will move sideways if the jaws are too small to fit another set of molars and it rubs up against other teeth.

  1. Sinus

When the teeth on the upper jaw erupt, this problem may occur. When the third molar grows and develops roots, it can force against the sinuses and exert pressure on them. Headaches, congestion, pressure, and sinus discomfort can result from this.

  1. Inflamed gums

A flap of gum tissue that resides next to the tooth can develop when wisdom teeth start to emerge; small food and bacterial fragments are caught by this gum tissue. As a result, the gum tissue around the teeth may swell and become challenging to clean. The wisdom teeth under your gums might experience the same condition.

  1. Cavities

The cleaning surfaces where germs can grow are impacted by the third molars. If your gums are irritated, pockets may develop in between your teeth, which will encourage the growth of bacteria. Cavities are encouraged to form by the spread of bacteria.

  1. Poor oral hygiene and bad breath

Wisdom teeth usually develop in hard-to-reach places, making oral hygiene more difficult. Consequently, if you don’t have your wisdom teeth removed, you might constantly have poor taste in your mouth or bad breath.

The Process

During your wisdom teeth removal procedure, your dentist or the surgeon will:

  • Give you local anesthesia to avoid any pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  • Make a cut in the gums to reveal the teeth and bone.
  • Remove the bone that is obstructing the tooth root’s access.
  • Extract the impacted wisdom tooth.
  • Remove bone debris from the area where the tooth was extracted.
  • Stitch the wound to seal the surgical site and accelerate healing.
  • Cover the extraction location with gauze to stop bleeding and prevent the formation of a blood clot.

Contact our specialist at Garden Oaks Dental Centre if you need wisdom tooth extractions in Winnipeg. Our team of skilled surgeons performs the extraction to ease the discomfort brought on by impacted wisdom teeth. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you encounter any wisdom teeth removal symptoms.

Contact Garden Oaks Dental Centre and schedule an appointment today!