Understanding the Different Types of Dental Crowns

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When you need to protect or strengthen a weakened or damaged tooth, dental crowns in Winnipeg are a great option. There are several types of crowns available, and each comes with its own unique set of advantages when it comes to looking, function, and feel. Whether you want a dental crown that provides you with a natural look or offers extra protection for your tooth, there are many types to choose from. Here are some of the most common dental crowns offered at Garden Oaks Dental Centre.

Porcelain Crowns

This type of dental crown is a very popular choice for those who desire a dental crown that matches the natural shade of their teeth. Made out of durable porcelain, these dental crowns near you do not stain and blend in perfectly with your smile. While they are not as strong as other forms of dental crowns, they are the closest in appearance to natural teeth.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns

These are porcelain crowns that are reinforced with a metal lining for extra durability. They are perfect for those who would like a little more strength while still maintaining a very natural look. While the outside layer is made of porcelain and blends with your surrounding teeth, the underlying metallic layer of the crown can be seen near your gum line if it recedes.

Gold Crowns

If you need to restore a back molar, your dentist in Winnipeg may suggest a gold dental crown. While these crowns do not look natural, they are the best choice for back teeth because they are very strong and resistant to large amounts of pressure. Even though gold crowns aren’t quite as strong as natural tooth enamel, they can last up to 25 years before requiring replacement.

Zirconia Crowns

These are very similar to porcelain crowns in appearance, but they are slightly stronger than porcelain crowns. Zirconia does a good job of mimicking the natural translucency of your teeth and, therefore, can blend in well with your smile. They are able to mold your underlying natural tooth better, making them more durable than their porcelain counterparts.

Why Might One Need a Dental Crown?

A dentist near you may suggest that you get a dental crown for a variety of reasons, some of the most common including:

● To restore a weakened tooth due to decay
● To strengthen a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy
● To protect a cracked or broken tooth
● To restore the appearance of your smile

If your dentist suggests that you get a dental crown, you can rest assured that it is in the best interest of your oral health. Since dental crowns require your dentist to permanently alter a natural tooth, they will only recommend this restoration if it is the best way to help you maintain optimal oral health.

Interested in Dental Crowns?

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns and determine which form of dental crown is best for your needs, please get in touch with our dedicated team of dental professionals at Garden Oaks Dental Centre. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your oral health. Please do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation today!