Things You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

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Going to the dentist is a relatively new practice, but did you know that people have been using toothpaste for centuries? Back then, toothpaste was made out of a mixture of iron rust and coral powder! Of course, dental care has advanced since then, and our dental clinic in Winnipeg has the tools at its disposal to help patients maintain their oral health. Let’s look at some more interesting facts about teeth that may help you to better understand them and their needs.

#1 Your Teeth Are Unique

Teeth are as unique as fingerprints. Like fingerprints, teeth marks can be used in criminal trials to determine if someone is guilty or innocent. In fact, in the famous Ted Bundy trials, photos of Bundy’s teeth were brought into the courtroom to be used as evidence that he was a murderer. The bite marks left behind by his teeth were enough to get him convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder! Teeth can also be used to identify human remains.

#2 Your Mouth Hosts 300 Types of Bacteria

Brushing your teeth is super important! Plaque, which is left behind when you eat or drink something, contains millions of bacteria made up of 300 different species. The main culprit for creating cavities is Streptococcus mutans, which converts sugar into acids that eat away at your teeth.

#3 You Can’t See 35 Percent of Your Tooth

While most of your tooth is above the gum line, a substantial portion of your tooth known as the root lies below your gums. This means that if you don’t floss, you cannot effectively clean your entire tooth. Flossing helps you remove any debris that has been stuck below the gums and between teeth.

#4 Your Tooth Enamel is the Strongest Substance in Your Body

Teeth are composed of three layers, the enamel, the dentin, and the pulp. The outer layer is called the enamel, which is made mainly of minerals. Enamel is harder than bone and does a very good job of protecting your teeth from damage. However, teeth are still not invincible, and enamel can still be damaged by metal or glass, so make sure not to use your teeth as tools to open bottles or packages.

#5 Your Oral Health Represents Your Physical Health

Your mouth can act as a warning area for problems going on in the rest of your body. Tooth decay, persistent gum infections, or other oral health issues can lead to serious problems in other parts of your body. For example, poor oral health has been linked to heart disease, strokes, and diabetes! There is still a lot of research going into these connections, but all healthcare professionals can agree that good oral health is connected to good overall health.

To maintain optimal oral health, brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, floss at least once a day, and visit a dentist near you for regular dental cleanings and check-ups. If you experience any kind of sudden oral health problem in between your regular visits, visit an emergency dentist in Winnipeg.

Visit a Dentist Today!

Our team at Garden Oaks Dental Centre loves teaching our patients about their teeth and guiding them on the best ways to protect their oral health. If you found these facts interesting and want to learn more about caring for your teeth, please contact our clinic today! Our team of dedicated dental professionals is proud to offer top-quality dentistry to all of our patients. We offer a variety of dental services, including access to an emergency dentist near you.