Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Teeth Whitening

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Recently, many have expressed a desire for whiter teeth. The idea of beauty has become increasingly pervasive in our culture because of the frenzy of popular people presenting picture-perfect smiles on social media. We all aspire to have pearly white teeth that are naturally beautiful.

Because of the sudden increase in rinses, whitening toothpaste, and teeth-whitening products, people have acquired a desire to have the perfect smile. For those who want a more confident, vibrant smile, teeth whitening in Winnipeg is a quick and practical solution. Having your teeth professionally whitened might help get rid of stains that have built up over time. You can restore your smile to its natural splendour as a consequence without endangering your financial status or oral health. 

Facts About Teeth Whitening

  • Your teeth won’t be harmed

A common misconception is that all teeth-whitening items are bad for your teeth. Professionals at dental clinics in Winnipeg have the necessary training to administer bleaching procedures in a safe and comfortable manner while upholding strict standards.

If people do not carefully follow instructions, store-bought whiteners could harm the dental cavity. Additionally, using whitening strips longer than advised may significantly increase sensitivity and gum pain. It’s very safe to have your teeth whitened professionally. In the whitening process, active chemicals are employed to pores in your teeth and temporarily remove stains. Following each whitening procedure, your teeth rehydrate and remineralize naturally. 

  • Sensitivity is completely normal and expected

During the whitening process, sensitivity is entirely normal. The teeth briefly dry out, which lessens their capacity to shield the fibre from temperature changes. However, as soon as the bleaching agent’s effects fade, the pores open up, lessening the sensitivity of your teeth. 

After bleaching, the sensitivity will disappear in 12 to 36 hours. To rehydrate the teeth and refill them, dentists recommend a post-whitening fluoride process. 

  • Stains cannot be removed in a day

There isn’t an item available that can produce instant results. Any bleaching agent cannot work so rapidly and thoroughly. 

The time required for the whitening process can range from a few days to several months. Serious stain sufferers must have patience and realize that each whitening procedure will remove years’ worth of stains. Once the stains are gone, maintaining them is simple.  

  • Veneers and crowns can’t be whitened 

On your teeth, like dentures, implants, caps, and veneers, the traditional tooth-whitening technique is unsuccessful. They are constructed of substances like porcelain and resin that secure the whitening gel from being engrossed.

Your porcelain veneers and crowns, however, are likely to stay the same colour they were when they were first inserted. Porcelain veneers do not rust for a very long time. Teeth whitening near you won’t affect dental work that you’ve previously required.

  • Only temporarily whitened teeth by laser and UV exposure

UV light is a type of light frequency that works by accelerating the whitening gel’s reaction time. This operation is only permitted to be carried out by dentists and is FDA-regulated. People with sensitive teeth cannot undergo this procedure, despite the fact that it whitens teeth quite quickly. The results are also temporary and still need to be maintained (sometimes with specially made whitening trays or at an appointment at a dental clinic near you). The process is extremely time-consuming and expensive. 

Reach Out to Our Dentist

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