General Dentistry

Proper oral care is essential for ensuring your family’s health and well being. This is why we offer your family a variety of general dentistry services.

Preventative Hygiene

Our team of dental experts are fully equipped to provide you with the best preventative hygiene services. These services include examinations, and cleanings. Our dentists will perform regular check-up to ensure that your smile is always at its best. The basic examination may include:

  • Oral x-rays
  • Detecting tooth decay
  • Evaluating existing restorations (fillings, crowns, bridges, etc.)
  • Oral cancer and gum disease screening

Every check-up is routine but customized to each and every individual’s specific oral needs.

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Our team of dentists are fully experienced in order to service all your dental needs, including fillings. Filling are used to:

  • Repair cracked or broken teeth
  • Close the gaps between teeth
  • Repair chipped teeth
  • Replace decayed parts of a tooth
  • Repair worn teeth

Fillings can be made with a wide variety of materials. One of the most commonly used materials is composite resin. This type of filling is tooth colored and virtually undetectable. So, your smile looks flawless!

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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and Bridges are used to repair what fillings cannot fix and both have a unique purpose.

A crown is usually made of porcelain and encases a tooth’s entire surface in order to resemble the tooth’s original shape. Our team of dentists may recommend a crown for you if you have:

  • Recently had a tooth canal
  • Broken/ fractured teeth or fillings
  • Decayed teeth
  • Large fillings

A bridge may be recommended to restore your smile and function. It is cemented into position and may be an option to replace lost of missing teeth.

Whether it is a bridge or a crown, our team of dentists are fully prepared to give you the best service in order to restore your smile!

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Root Canal Therapy

Our team is fully devoted to your oral health, which is why we are fully trained in performing root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is used to save your tooth from an infection that can cause pain and tooth loss.

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Dentures are a removable and perfectly replicate your teeth. There are two types of dentures that our team provides: complete and partial. As the name implies, complete dentures are fabricated when all of your teeth are missing. Partial dentures may be an option when you have some teeth remaining. One of our dentists will walk you through the process and ensure that you get the right set for you.

Our team of dentists will ensure that you, or your family, will receive the best general dentistry services in the area. Make sure to make an appointment today!


Following recommendations from Manitoba Health Authorities and the Manitoba Dental Association, and in the interest of the safety of our patients, our staffs, and the general public, Garden Oaks Dental Centre is postponing all non-urgent dental treatments, effective Monday March 16th, 2020.

In case of any urgent dental problems, please call our front receptionist for further instructions at (204) 338 7856.

Our doors will be locked. And We will be pre-screening all patients before entering the clinic.

We will be reaching out to reschedule all of your routine visits once normal operations resume.

Thank you for your patience.