Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

By Garden Oaks Dental Centre September 7, 2018

So you may be wondering what the point of having wisdom teeth is? Why do they grow so long after all other teeth? Well the answer to this fact actually goes a long way back, right back to the time of our ancient ancestors. They did not have utensils with which to cut their meals into smaller pieces or toothbrushes to keep on top of their personal hygiene. The main source of food was raw meat, vegetables and nuts. They needed to be able to chomp down on their food making it easy to swallow, so therefore their molars wore down very early. They had to have teeth which could replace the already rotten teeth during early adulthood.

So although in this day and age we have modern items such as toothbrushes, dental floss and utensils with which to eat, we still have to put up with these annoying wisdom teeth. The do not really serve for a purpose much anymore as our everyday diets are much more simple and do not consist of raw meat. These wisdom teeth do not really aid us in anyway and many people choose to get them removed to save them from painful in-growing teeth or hygiene problems. Nowadays our gums grow much smaller than once upon a time, therefore teeth growing as so called ‘extras’ at the back of our mouths cause quite a lot of pain which can sometimes lead to inflammation. Wisdom teeth have a very unusual name, you may be wondering, why are they called wisdom teeth? Well, scientists say that they are called wisdom teeth because the ages in which these particular teeth decide to grow through is between 17 and 25, they so called “age of wisdom”.

More times than not, wisdom teeth grow facing the wrong way hence pushing the other teeth too close to one another. This can cause a large impact on the mouth leading to cysts, sores and rise of a temperature if not treated accordingly and on time. Even if a person feels no pain from their wisdom teeth this does not necessarily mean that they will not experience problems with their teeth further on. If a toothbrush cannot reach these awkwardly placed teeth, there is a high risk of infection and bad breath. Even though the thought of the after pain and dismal diet of soups and luke warm drinks may seem quite daunting, this should not in any way put you off from getting your teeth checked regularly. Your dentist will suggest lots of rest and will also be able to prescribe over the counter pain relief or in some worse cases, antibiotics. Using ice packs on your wound can also reduce swelling of the cheek. It may seem like the pain is terrible but in the long run you will feel much better when you don’t have to deal with the agonizing pain of putting up with teeth that purely and simply no longer serve any purpose to use!


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