Emergency Services

If you have a dental emergency, you really do not want to have to wait to get an appointment. It can be difficult to find a place that offers dental emergency, adding to the stress you already have. Our dental office offers emergency services, so you no longer need to worry about where you are going to get the help that you desperately need. We offer a wide array of emergency services for patients. Contact us today to see how our team can help you with your emergency.

We do whatever we can to see you on the same day that you have an emergency. If not, we will get you the first possible appointment that we can to get you the help that you need. This may mean the next day, depending on availability. There are some things that you will can do to minimize the pain that you are in while you wait for your appointment and could help you to save your tooth. Here are things that you can do depending on your problem.

Tooth Knocked Out

In the event that you suffer a traumatic injury resulting in your tooth being completely knocked out, there are things that you can do to save your tooth.

  • Never grab the tooth by the roots, only hold it by its crown.
  • If there is any tissue attached to the tooth, don’t remove it as it is necessary to reattach the tooth.
  • Rinse it out in cold water.
  • Place the tooth between your cheek and gum to preserve it. If unable to do this, place the tooth in a cup of milk.
  • Place gauze in the area to stop the bleeding.
  • A cold compress can be used to both stop the bleeding and help ease the pain.
  • Do not take aspirin as this can thin your blood and prevent clotting. Use Tylenol or ibuprofen instead.

Tooth Fractured

If you have fractured your tooth, these are steps that you can take to reduce your pain and  to prevent the injury from getting worse:

  • Gather up as much of the tooth as you can and put it in a secure container.
  • If you have any sharp edges in your mouth, cover it with cotton, gauze, or wax.
  • Take Tylenol or ibuprofen. If you are bleeding, avoid aspirin.
  • Use a cold compress to help with pain and reduce the swelling.
  • Call us immediately.

Tooth Ache

There are many causes a toothache. While you wait for your appointment, these are things that you can do to help ease your discomfort:

  • Use a cold compress as this helps with swelling and inflammation.
  • Take and OTC pain reliever.
  • Use salt water to flush out any debris that could be causing the pain. This can also clean out infected tissue that could be causing pain.

Emergency dental services can be intimidating. Rest assured that we are here to help you navigate this stressful time with patience and understanding.


Following recommendations from Manitoba Health Authorities and the Manitoba Dental Association, and in the interest of the safety of our patients, our staffs, and the general public, Garden Oaks Dental Centre is postponing all non-urgent dental treatments, effective Monday March 16th, 2020.

In case of any urgent dental problems, please call our front receptionist for further instructions at (204) 338 7856.

Our doors will be locked. And We will be pre-screening all patients before entering the clinic.

We will be reaching out to reschedule all of your routine visits once normal operations resume.

Thank you for your patience.