5 Simple Dental Hygiene Tips For Everyday

By Garden Oaks Dental Centre September 14, 2018

We all want that super beautiful and glimmering white fancy smile that toothpaste ads show. The idea of having glossy and shiny white teeth is a must-have but people believe it to be hard and somewhat impossible too. Most people think it requires some heavy care routine and diet intake, or maybe some kind of expensive product. But the reality is totally the opposite! You can easily have those gorgeous looking teeth and wear that confident smile every day just with proper dental hygiene and good food intake. In addition to this, many dental diseases can be prevented if you have a good dental care routine and keep a good check on your oral hygiene. Here are 5 unbelievably simple dental hygiene tips that will help you achieve that beautiful smile every single day of the week!

  • Brushing well:

Make sure to always brush properly and correctly. There is a correct method to brushing your teeth. You should brush twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night after meals. But brushing more than twice a day can harm your teeth and affect its enamel. Don’t try to brush too hard or that will also prove to have a damaging affect. Brush for at least two minutes and cover all the parts of your mouth including the areas that are hard to reach like the back of teeth. It is also good to rinse your mouth after every meal to keep off bad breath and wash away the particles that will make the mouth a house for micro-organisms.

  • Flossing the enamel:

Flossing takes away all the debris and damaging that brushing will not. It is a good routine to floss your enamel daily as well. It will prevent the building up of plaque and also bad breath. There are also lots of varieties in the products and you should be pick the one most suited to your teeth.

  • Stopping smoking:

Most oral cancers are caused by smoking and other illnesses are also an outcome of continuous tobacco consumption. To reduce the smoking breath, you will need to take something sweet or tea to mask it and that will lead to further teeth damage.

  • Using Mouthwash:

A good routine is to use mouth-wash too. It leads to a hard and well-maintained enamel and keeps a good check on breath. Mouth washing should go hand in hand with brushing, flossing and visiting a dentist as per your dental health schedule!

  • Using the right toothpaste:

Choosing a good quality toothpaste is definitely a must! It is a good idea to have one that is nourishing and has fluoride to strengthen enamel. Some are specifically designed to target and remove plaque and some are for sensitive teeth. Choose whatever is best for you!

Apart from all these simple things, be sure to keep visiting your dentist and have a good and balanced diet. If you have all of these in check, you will have a healthy set of teeth and a gorgeous smile as well!


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